The Mirabook : Turn your smartphone into a laptop

Created by The Mirateam

Get the best lapdock to use your smartphone as complete computer.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Sun Jan 7 '18 Announcement
about 2 years ago – Sun, Jan 07, 2018 at 01:41:56 PM

We are waiting for you, our dear Miraclub members!


We are on the home stretch and more motivated than ever to complete our project. As you may know, we will be introducing the Mirabook in Las Vegas in a few days.


1°) Pictures of the latest version of the Mirabook


As you've decided during our poll, we have placed the Mirabook logo on our product. We are excited to show everyone our work! Please have a look, these are the first pictures of the latest version of the Mirabook.


2°) The beta test is still ongoing


Thanks to your first feedback, we were able to modify and improve our product before the beginning of the CES. For instance, we managed to make the compatibility of the Nintendo Switch more reliable. There is still a lot of room for improvement and we will work our hardest to deliver your Mirabooks in May 2018, as announced previously.


3°) Meet us in Vegas and try your device with the Mirabook


We are about to start the CES 2018 and we would like to meet you there. Moreover, feel free to bring any compatible device to try your Mirabook earlier! Here is the map to find us in this huge event (blue dot).

Eureka Park: Tech West, Sands Expo, Level 1, Hall G - Booth 50614.


We can't wait to see you guys there! Once again, thanks for your amazing support and just like you, we are eager to be in May!



Fri Dec 22 '17 Announcement
over 2 years ago – Fri, Dec 22, 2017 at 07:54:20 AM

Dear Miraclub members, we have exciting news!

First of all, this project happens only thanks to your support. We are so glad to see so many members involved in our project. The Mirabook is made for you and by you!


          1°) Samsung Oreo 8.0 x Mirabook


Many of you are worried about the incompatibility of Samsung S8 with the next Oreo version because XDA-developers wrote an article about the DeX incompatibility with third-party docks (Fourth Android Oreo Beta for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Blocks Samsung DeX on Third Party Docks). We didn’t want to make a statement without every test and verification needed but now, we can!



DeX Oreo 4.0 works with the Mirabook! We ran a lot of tests with the S8, both updated with the last version of Oreo and all is running smoothly. The Mirabook remains compatible with Samsung DeX.


          2°) Booth #50614 in CES 2018


As you may know if you are following us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn), we are working hard to unveil the Miraxess vision to the world and find new partners at CES 2018 (01/09 to 01/12) in Las Vegas. The Mirateam will be presenting on the booth number #50614 and we hope to see you guys for this amazing Show!



          3°) 20 Beta testers of the beta test program

We received a lot of answers to our survey, more than we could have imagined! We are really happy to see how many backers are willing to help us creating the best product possible. 

  • The earlier you get it the better we can improve the product. We will have more time to change every little detail with your feedback.
  • We know there is delay, but we are very confident about this beta and we believe there will be only minor modifications in January.


The Beta testers have been contacted already through their electronic mailbox and must sign a Non-disclosure Agreement. We tried to get as many devices tested as possible to get the best feedback. Unfortunately you will not see any reviews or tests until the offical unveil at CES in 3 weeks.

We count on you!  The Consumer Electronic Show is a key moment for our startup and we need your help to make a lot of noise on the web ;)  Get ready to see the Mirabook everywhere.


          4°) Poll for the writing under the logo


Almost 300 people voted for this question and the result is clear. 75% chose Mirabook over Miraxess! Let's go for "Mirabook" then ;)


          5°) Happy new year


It is almost the end of the year but the most exciting part is about to begin! We will work harder than ever during this CES and until May 2018 to deliver the very first Mirabooks. It has been an amazing year for us and none of this could have happened without you. Thanks again. Thanks for your energy, thanks for your support and we hope to see you with us in 2018 aswell.



We wish you the best for 2018 and we hope you will enjoy your year’s end celebrations!

Wed Dec 6 '17 Announcement
over 2 years ago – Wed, Dec 06, 2017 at 07:19:45 AM


As you may know if you are following us on social networks (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn),  our team is monitoring the production of the Mirabook in the factory. 

We are making the most of it to try every compatibility possible between several devices and the Mirabook. For now, the compatibility with the Samsung S8, the Samsung Note 8 and the Huawei Mate 10 pro is excellent.


Furthermore, we are settling some details about the design of our product. We want you to make the final decision about the inscription under the logo of your lapdock.

Miraxess or Mirabook? 

Please fill this little survey to share your thoughts about it: Poll for the writing under the logo.

Be sure we are doing our best to deliver the product in the best possible conditions. Thank you for your support, it means a lot.


Wed Nov 22 '17 Announcement
over 2 years ago – Wed, Nov 22, 2017 at 09:22:34 AM


We are getting closer to test our first prototypes of the Mirabook! As we said in our previous update, we would like to have you in order to improve the Mirabook creation.

If you want to be part of it, please fill this survey:


20 of our members will be randomly chosen to be the first ones to test our Mirabooks and give the feedback.

We need you!

Mon Nov 13 '17 Announcement
over 2 years ago – Mon, Nov 13, 2017 at 08:17:42 AM

Dear Miraclub members,

As we were very close to start manufacturing, we have been thinking a lot about sustainability and quality, and what it means for us as creators… It is very hard for us to announce that we are going to delay the Mirabook shipments to May 2018. We, the Mirateam, are committed to provide you the best experience as possible and create the next revolution with you and for you. We apologize for this news, and we hope you understand it’s for the best.

We will always be very thankful for supporting the project and that’s why our small team is dedicated to you and we want to be as transparent as possible. Here are the reasons for such a delay:


1-Product Quality: The Mirabook is a high-end lapdock and we want to make sure it will last for long. That’s why we are planning additional tests and certifications in labs and your feedbacks. Some of you will be randomly selected to beta test the Mirabook during December. More info incoming in few days if you are selected in the 20 members. Please apply to the Beta test program.



2-CES 2018: We have been selected to exhibit at CES Las Vegas 2018 with Business France, which is a tremendous opportunity to find retailers for the Mirabook and increase the production quantities. It is rational to optimize and wait for big orders from distributors before launching a production.

3-Partnership opportunity: We cannot tell much about it, but we have a very very strong partnership opportunity with a big company. Unfortunately, we are still a small team and it monopolizes our precious resources, so we just couldn’t guarantee a delivery in December.

4-Chinese New Year: It’s a small issue but known from every good manufacturer. January and February are very busy in China because of the Chinese New Year so it’s very hard to plan a production at these dates, so it will happen in March/April. Happy Chinese New Year!



With these reasons in mind, we sincerely hope that you will stay with us in the Mirabook adventure. Some of you may be used to this kind of news from crowdfunded projects, but some of you are not. In any case we apologize and the Mirateam will keep working very hard to please you. 


This was for the bad news, now let’s talk about the good news.


1-We have new exciting features to announce:  First, many of you had hesitations about the Mirabook because it had no backlit keyboard and we had a stretch goal to add this feature. Well, we’re very happy to add a backlit keyboard to the Mirabook without any extra cost for you! Then, we had also an issue with the battery life because we wanted to reach 24H of battery. Again, this is a feature that was defined as a very high stretch goal. Our engineers are now working on a battery saver mode in order to reach at least 15h of use. There is a possibility to improve again at 20h and we will explore how we can manage to upgrade the battery.



2-The list of natively compatible devices is expanding which confirm that we have made the right choice about the next technology. You can now add the Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro as fully compatible device with their EMUI desktop mode. Also, the Razer Phone will be able to display on the Mirabook which will provide a great gaming experience. We have made some test about Samsung DeX and it works very well.


3-The Mirateam has created a partnership with the Auxens startup to bring a PC mode for Android. Introducing Mira, a neat and optimized PC mode made to regain productivity, in one hand. Our ambition is to work with smartphone brands to provide them full compatibility with the Mirabook and the future products to come. If you guys, have contacts in big smartphone companies, please let us know.



4-Our Engineering team will go back to China once again to monitor the manufacturing process. Furthermore, we will extend our trip in Asia to meet new parnters and speed up the project.


If you have any question, the Mirateam is here to respond. If the Mirabook is the bridge between Smartphones and PCs, then you are the foundation of that bridge. Every day we receive your messages and we thank you for being optimistic and patient, all of this would have never happened without you. We’re considering of organizing a meetup to show you the Mirabook, tell us if it’s a good idea.


Please don’t forget to respond the survey on the backer platform